Golf Course Management Tips

We have more tips from the pros, this time from PGA teaching professional, Sally Hinton.

Spending some time thinking about the best strategy for each hole can help you to shave shots off your score. Things to consider include:

• The best place to hit your drive
• The best line into the green
• The wind direction
Also, take some time to think about where you tee-up your ball. To avoid the obvious trouble that may line the hole, try teeing-up on the side of trouble to give yourself space to hit down the other side of the fairway.

For example, on the 2nd hole of the Lee Westwood Filly Course, it’s best to tee-up on the right. This will give you the best chance to keep the ball down the left-hand side of the fairway, helping you to avoid getting stuck behind the tree and also providing the best line into the green.
Tips from the pros Sally Hinton

Consider the pin position carefully as well. For example, imagine you’re playing to a pin tucked in at the front of the green just behind a bunker. In this case, it may be best to play to the middle of the green, beyond the pin. This way if you miss-hit the ball you will hopefully still carry the bunker. In the same way, when playing to a pin placed at the back of the green it may be best to hit to the middle to avoid overshooting the green.

Using these tips, have a think about the best way to play each hole next time you’re out on the course. This will likely be different for each player as you should always play within your capabilities and play the shots you are confident that you can hit.

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