How to hit a Bunker Shot

If you’re struggling with your bunker play, try these simple, useful steps:

Place your ball position slightly forward of the centre

  • The key to good bunker play is to take a consistent amount of sand
  • This ball position will allow you to hit sand then ball
  • Around two inches before the ball is perfect

Shift your weight so that it is 55% towards the left side

  • This will allow you to have the downward strike needed to take some sand

Open the face, only slightly

  • This will put more loft and bounce on the club
  • It will also encourage a higher ball flight and reduce the risk of digging too much

Practice hitting the sand out of the bunker

  • If the sand comes out and you have the 2 inches of sand behind the ball, chances are the ball will be out!
  • Listen to the strike; it shouldn’t sound too deep. A nice, slow sweep through the sand should see you with a full follow through

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