Focus on the Fundamentals, Says Lee Westwood.

Our attached touring professional Lee Westwood can often be spotted up at the range working on his swing with the help of alignment sticks. We asked him to talk us through a couple of his favourite drills. Over to you Lee…

Many people think that tour professionals are working on very complicated swing changes when often we are focusing on our fundamentals. With the difficulty level of the golf courses we play, consistent grip, posture, alignment, and ball position are essential. One of the best ways to check your alignment is by using alignment poles to check your body position and club face. Remember any great swing is built upon solid foundations.

Walk along the range at any major tournament and you’ll see many players using these poles to ensure they are set up squarely to the target line. Below are two of my favourite ways to use this training aid.

Tip 1: This simple T shaped set up allows you that chance to simultaneously check your ball position and alignment relative to your intended target line. Ball position and alignment can subtly change over time, leading to swing compensations and inconsistency. By using the T shaped set up you can change and monitor your ball position for each different club.

Tip 2: In this drill I set up with the club face square to the target but with my feet and hips open. This stance helps me to open my hips more, allowing my hands to flow through impact. By exaggerating the technique, it becomes second nature during play.

There are endless ways to utilise alignment poles in your practice and I’m sure you will have your favourite drills too. All I can say is that next time I visit the Close House PGA Academy I will be looking out for you all checking these basics in your game.

Cheers Lee