Our Close House Hero for February is a Super Fixer

Say hello to Colin, our Close House Hero for February. He’s been quietly and methodically working in our greenkeeping team for nearly 14 years and pretty much keeps the whole gang moving (literally)! He’s our fixer you see, from tractors to strimmers and pretty much everything in between. A small cog in a big wheel, but it wouldn’t turn without him.

“I work with lots of great people in the greenkeeping team, there’s a great spirit and we have a good laugh.  We’re always kept busy, particularly when we’re hosting big tournaments, like the European Tour events, prepping the machines each morning and evening for our greenkeepers to produce the exceptional surfaces expected by the world’s top players. I don’t play golf, the only thing I grip is a spanner, but it’s great to watch the masters at work and know I’ve played a small part.”

Our head greenkeeper Brian Clark has this to say about him. “Colin is a very quiet member of the team and a pleasure to work with as he gives 100% everyday, making sure the greenkeeping machines are running at their best, to produce the best of surfaces for our members and guests to enjoy day in day out.

Colin’s Superpower – He can fix just about anything mechanical.

All our Close House Heroes are voted for by their fellow team members. Well done, Colin!