Our PGA Pros Celebrate World Book Day with their Golf/Sports Book Recommendations

Today is the 25th anniversary of International World Book Day, but we’re sparing you our favourite character fancy dress pics and instead recommending some great reads to help your technique out on the golf course or to develop your sporting mind.

Here are our PGA Professionals top picks for beginners who are just starting out in the game, seasoned golfers that think they know it all, as well as those who are just intrigued as to how the sporting mind ticks.

Putting Out of Your Mind by Dr. Bob Rotella

Recommended Read – For golfers of all abilities

“Everyone has at some point heard the term ‘putting is all confidence’ well this book helps you understand how you can improve your scores on the green just by improving the way you think. Like the author says, you’ve got to get putting out of your mind, to be a better putter. It’s all about the pre-shot routine rather than the mechanics of the shot. It’s certainly helped me out on the course.” Craig Smith – Close House PGA Professional


A Good Walk Spoiled: Days and Nights on the PGA Tour by John Feinstein

Recommended Read – For everyone, even non-golfers

“It’s not a golf instruction book but rather gives a great insight into the reality of professional golf. It offers a behind-the-scenes look at the professional golf circuit, post the dramatic American victory in the 1993 Ryder Cup. It shines a light on the minds and private lives of some of the greatest players of the time, like Greg Norman and Nick Faldo, and the intense pressure and psychological dangers of playing at the highest level.” Simon Robinson – Close House Senior PGA Professional


Bounce by Mathew Syed

Recommended Read – For all sports enthusiasts

“A great book focusing on skill acquisition and the theory that anything is possible with practice and dedication. It touches on neuroscience and psychology and is full of fascinating stories of how top athletes have achieved their goals and statistics that will have you debating if talent really beats practice and who really are the fastest runners.” Sally Hinton – Close House Senior PGA Professional



How I Play Golf by Tiger Woods

Recommended Read – For golfers of all abilities

“I read this book when I was young and first getting into golf. It gave me a lot of good basics to base my practice around. It is also informative for experience players as reading it once I’d played for a while, I was still able to pick up tips to help my game. You are really learning from one of the best to have ever played the game of golf.” Will Robson – Close House PGA Professional


The Chimp Paradox by Prof Steve Peters

Recommended Read – For anyone keen to master their mind

“Not specifically golf related, this book by a leading psychiatrist, takes a broader look at understanding how to change your mindset to approach situations more proactively and effectively with the use of analogies and real life case studies. I’ve found it very useful when applied to the game of golf, along with all manner of challenges, both personal and professional, that life throws at us.” Tim Cockill – Close House Senior PGA Professional

Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect by Dr. Bob Rotella

Recommended Read – For golfers of all abilities

“In this extraordinary book the author goes beyond mental resilience and technique to focus on mindset and attitude, covering all aspects of the golfers’ game, from mental preparation to competition. And, as some of the world’s greatest golfers will attest, the results can be spectacular! Will certainly help your game.” Jonny Greenwood – Close House Operations Director / PGA Professional


Extraordinary Golf: The Art of the Possible by Fred Shoemaker

Recommended Read – For golfers of all abilities

“A fun read from a golf pro of 15 years turned coach, teaching you to think about what’s possible rather than what’s wrong with your game. It combines a host of practical exercises with a new point of view; how to approach shots creatively, instead of mechanically, rediscovering trust for your instincts and ultimately putting the pleasure back into your game.” Jonathan Lupton – Close House Managing Director / PGA Professional

All no doubt available from your chosen bookstore. Enjoy your chosen read.