Lee Westwood and Close House

Lee Westwood and Close House

Lee Westwood originally opened the Colt Course on 10th May 2011 as the world’s number one golfer.

The grand opening of the only Lee Westwood golf courses in the UK marked the start of a close association between Lee and Close House, and he is now our Attached Touring Professional. Lee has the Close House logo on the side of his golf bag while competing around the world in international golf championship events.

Lee Westwood holds an incredibly impressive 25 European Tour titles and the record for the highest number of points won in Ryder Cup history.

The Ryder Cup legend is at the golf club on a regular basis either playing on the golf courses or using the Golf Academy to hone his game.

Lee has helped the team at Close House to improve the features of the two Scott Macpherson designed 18-hole golf courses, adding new tees and bunkers. His experience of competing on the best courses around the world has allowed us to produce golf courses that will challenge all levels of golfer.

In 2022 Lee Westwood’s association with LIV Golf began and has been a significant development in his illustrious golfing career. As a seasoned veteran of the sport, Lee brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the emerging LIV Golf league. His decision to join LIV Golf underscores the appeal of this innovative approach to professional golf and signifies a new chapter in his journey on the course. Lee’s reputation as a top-tier golfer enhances the league’s credibility and draws attention to its progressive vision for the future of the sport.